Yeshu'a Ministries

  Author Leslie Montgomery


     Yeshu'a is one of the most beautiful names of God and it was given to Leslie in prayer as the name of her ministry in the fall of 1993 shortly after she became a believer. She was blessed to find out that the name means, 'to rescue or deliver from tightly confined places'. Although she currently writes books for a living, she continues to do crisis-intervention counseling when the Lord presents the opportunity.

Yeshu'a Ministries goal has been to help those in need;  spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. Standing on the Rock of the Great Commission, our main goal is to known God and make Him known. Therefore, we are an evangelical ministry that focuses on bringing souls into the kingdom of God, and disciplining those who want to know Him.

It would be spiritually reckless of us not to help meet the practical needs of those within our realm of reach, so we do so as the Lord leads. We jokingly tell Leslie that she attracts those who are hurting the most in life; the mentally ill, the lost and the lonely, women in abusive relationships, and those at the end of their rope. Wherever she goes people reach out to her and God gives her the wisdom to help them in whatever way He see's fit.

Yeshu'a Ministries provides Bibles, Bible Studies, Discipleship, Training and Conferences for both men, women, and young adults. Furthermore, Leslie has worked extensively with various churches around the world, as well as teen ministries such as Acquire the Fire and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


Yeshu'a Ministries' long-term vision is to build a training center in the Boise, Idaho area that equips, encourages, and empowers women in poverty to rise above their current circumstances and into a place where they can not only provide for themselves and their children, but live a productive life both physically and spiritually.

The Yeshu'a Ministries Training Center will teach parenting, financial and home management, nutrition and healthy choices for the family, and more.  We have arranged to collaborate with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associations call-center for those in need of prayer, and it is our dream to use these women at the training center to answer the calls after an extensive training program.

The ministry will provide an in-house therapist to work with the women who need assistance working through issues that are hindering them from moving forward, and a job-placement counselor to help them attain employment.  We will also provide them with a volunteer mentor who has gone through mentor training and will be responsible for mentoring their "sister" for a minimum of a year commitment. We also plan to implement a children's after school program and possible join hands with another ministry or youth pastor to work with the young adults.  Individual and group therapy (since many come from fatherless homes) will be available for the client’s children, be matched with a mentor, and have the opportunity to learn life skills themselves.

We would be blessed if you could support Yeshu'a Ministries financially, but please know that the best way you can help us is through faithful prayer.  Yeshu'a Ministries was built on prayer and it remains a very big part of who we are and what we do. We believe James 4, where believers are promised that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much. While financial support helps  us meet the practical needs of the ministry and others, there is no greater help than prayer because it's affects are eternal!

Thank you for partnering with the fulfilling of The Great Commission. God bless you. 


Leslie Montgomery was born in Lakewood, California, on February 22, 1967. Her mother jokingly says that Leslie was born with a pen in one hand and a phone in the other. From as early as she can remember, Leslie was writing on everything (and everyone).

As a young child, Leslie wrote screenplays, movies, commercials, cards and poems, and has kept a journal since she was eight years old. Raised in an abusive environment, writing was Leslie's therapy, giving her an outlet to express her pain and a place of refuge from the abuse that haunted her day and night.

While Leslie was first published when she was in Jr. High, and wrote for newspapers throughout her adulthood, she began writing full-time in 1996 for Focus on the Family on counseling issues, as well as for their teen magazine, Brio. Within months she was writing for several divisions under the FOTF umbrella. Since that time, she has ghostwritten numerous books, and has published a multitude of her own.

     Leslie lives in the Boise, Idaho area , and has four children; Charlene (32), Paul (31), Isabella (8),  Elijah (5), and six grandchildren (Yes, 6)!


 Name: "Leslie Ginevra Montgomery  - 'Leslie' is a field or place of refuge; ‘Ginevra’ means, ‘discerning or sensitive’; and 'Montgomery' means, warrior."

What sort of name is Ginevra? "Italian – I am the 7th Ginevra in my family. My daughter, Isabella is the 9th."

Age: "Ha! 23 years - in Christ!"

Birthday: "The real President Washington’s birthday….February 22nd." 

School: "Mtn. Home High School in Mtn. Home, Idaho.  Sound’s scenic doesn’t it?  Nope. No mountains, just a few hills and a lot of dust."

College: "I went to a community college, then Tennessee State, then after I became a believer I attended Taylor University in Ft. Wayne, Indiana."

Major: "Pastoral Counseling."

Languages: "English, bad Spanish, and can say one sentence in French, but it’s not a good one, so I don't say it."

Places lived: "California, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, and South Dakota. I might have lived somewhere else once, but I don't remember."

First job: "Dairy Queen when I was 16. I gained 10#’s the first month. I’ve never enjoyed gaining weight more!"

Duration of first job: "Three months."

Favorite color: "Purple, but I love all colors of the rainbow."

Favorite book: "Aside from the Bible?  All commentaries? Does that count? Yes, I’m one of those people who like reading commentaries, and dictionaries, and reference books; it’s in my blood."

Favorite movie: "Hands down, - Passion of the Christ." 

Favorite food: "I have several favorites depending on my mood; Sushi, fresh fruits and veggies, Italian food, and, well, all food, really."

Good quote: “'Be kind for everyone you know is fighting a great battle,'  by Philo of Alexandria." 

Another good quote: “'Don’t ever forget that you are smarter than you know.'  That's by Winnie the Pooh. My dad gave me that on a plaque."

Another other good quote: “'I AM YOUR FATHER!' (she says using her best Darth Vadar voice) in the original Star Wars."

Where do you find your ideas for writing? "The Lord of course; usually after I’ve wasted months doing my own thing. I’m still learning."

What did you never imagine you’d do:  "Become a Christian (laughing), have babies in my mid-forties, or live in South Dakota which I did for ten years."

What’s your favorite vacation spot? "I love Santa Fe, New Mexico, but I want to go to Jerusalem and either live permanently or stay there on holiday for an extended amount of time, like maybe, 50 years?"

Where do you dream of living?  "Anywhere but South Dakota again.  It's cold and windy most of the time - miserable (she says shivering)."